Septic System Installations

Septic System Installations on Long Island

Since 1961, Squires & Pierson has been installing and maintaining septic tanks on Long Island's East End. Our experience and focus on customer service make us the first choice for Hampton homeowners.

Septic System Installations

Experience Counts

A properly designed septic system really is a thing of beauty. A highly efficient, self-contained underground waste water treatment system, it provides safe, secure storage for solid wastes, and uses natural processes to treat waste water and return it to the soil in a state harmless to the environment. A poorly designed system, however, can be an expensive mess, endangering nearby wells and waterways, turning lawns into smelly marshland, and requiring expensive measures to repair or relocate. 631.283.1403 Since 1961, Squires & Pierson has been installing septic tanks on Long Island's environmentally fragile East End. We understand what's needed to site and build your system properly to ensure many years of safe operation:

  • Site selection that places your septic system away from areas slated for paving, nearby wells, waterways, wetlands and pools for maximum safety and compliance with local regulations.
  • Detailed soil analysis to verify the chosen site has adequate soil depth and permeability to support a septic system. Soil evaluation takes into account factors such as the seasonal high water table and any soil layers that might restrict absorption and treatment of sewage.
  • ​Careful excavation to avoid soil compaction that may reduce the capacity of the soil to absorb and filter waste water.

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