Excavation Services on Long Island

We own and manage many different pieces of heavy equipment, enabling us to run one of the most efficient and productive site service operations in the construction industry.


We'll Get You Ready To Build

Before a construction or major landscaping project can begin, the planned site must be carefully and professionally prepared. We are fully versed in the practical and regulatory requirements of site preparation on the East End. Call us to:

  • Demolish existing structures
  • Excavate basements, foundations and dry wells
  • Clear away unwanted trees, root balls, rocks and other debris
  • Prepare driveway beds
  • Grade your site to ensure proper drainage

  • Every construction project is under time pressure, and we work hard to help you stay on schedule. We'll remove what shouldn't be there and level out what should. Call us for an assessment of your site requirements and an accurate estimate of the time and cost involved in getting your project off the ground.